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My customers are not only satisfied with my deliverables, I also get a lot of appreciation for my way of working. For example, how I know to reassure people so that you can share your passion in front of the camera in a very natural and sincere way.

The three steps of a video production:

  1. Preproduction - preparation: listen carefully & work out a concept

  2. Production - shooting: filming your story

  3. Post production - finishing: an amazing edit




I like to invest time to connect and to learn to know each other. I want to understand what you are doing and what your relationship is with your target group.


As a filmmaker I constantly have to make choices on a set and while editing. What am I going to film? What am I not going to film? Which camera angle? What to include or exclude in an image? What to add in an edit? And in what order? Having a deep understanding of the subject really pays off, because sometimes you can make very smart choices.


Together we determine the concept. What are the objectives? What are we showing? Who will say what? What is the mood?


I love making beautiful images. I also love filming people, and letting them tell your story. Showing humans in videos is effective because humans love watching other humans. Such videos connect better.


To ensure that people look at their best, I prefer to work with a script that is not too tight. During the preparations I learn what the priorities are and what needs to be said. For me, that knowledge is the guiding principle when filming and conducting interviews.


This flexible way of working offers advantages for you:

  • You save time, because you don't have to learn texts by heart.

  • You look much better on camera since you only have to answer my questions. I take the stress away from you.



I like working conscientious, agile and fast. While filming I try to reduce interference and interruption of your operations as much as possible.


Filming and interviewing people is my thing. I hear my client me giving complements for this.


I put you at ease in front of the camera. Using interview techniques, I let you tell your story in a spontaneous and convincing way.


I help you make eye contact with the camera. This way you look your target audience directly in the eye.


And that's a way to make your video connect better with to your target group.



After filming, we tell the story a third time. The first time was while writing the scenario, the second time while filming.


During the editing the video comes alive. This is actually the moment when you can really show your mastery as a filmmaker.


It is a game of choosing fragments of exactly the right lengths, putting them in the right sequence to create rhythms that tell the story with just the right content, the right mood and the right vibe.

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